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Double Your Charity

MICT has offered  matching grant of five million Rupees focused on education and some elements of healthcare. For every Rupee you donate, we will add another Rupee.

Mission Statement

MICT is dedicated to support communities and individuals in crisis. Our interventions include help for financially challenged students, patients and others stricken by poverty. In the past, we have supported causes ranging from sponsoring small scale businesses for unemployed individuals and food rations for impoverished communities.

Key Objectives

A brief outline of our main objectives defines the areas at the centre of MICT’s work:

MICT’s past work has involved intervening in crisis situations notably helping victims of floods in Sindh and torrential rains in south Punjab. We have also helped reached out to support victims of the security crisis in the northern Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and natural calamities in Gilgit-Baltistan province.

Support to educational causes remains central to our work in ways ranging from financial assistance to students in need and sponsorship of workshops for training of teachers.

We continue to raise funds for support of patients in urgent need of financial assistance. Our future objectives include the creation of a network of volunteer Doctors who are committed to helping impoverished patients in need of care.

Our past work has included providing support to single mothers in need of assistance for their children. MICT’s future objectives include the creation of dedicated unit to run projects for empowerment of impoverished women.

MICT’s micro-finance programs have helped a number of unemployed individuals establish small businesses to create new sources of regular income. Our support to such causes has ranged from purchasing taxis to establishing small shops for our recipients.

A once a year food distribution programme during the islamic month of ‘Ramadan’ has led our food distribution campaigns. Elsewhere, providing emergency food packs has been central to MICT’s response for victims of natural disasters and security turmoil in parts of Pakistan.

About us

Widespread poverty across Pakistan has created the need for urgent action to intervene wherever possible. While MICT is committed to a variety of avenues for helping those in need, our ultimate objective is just one; to tackle the fallout from poverty. As a development oriented trust, MICT was established by the family of the late Doctor Syed Mohammad Hasanain Bokhari, an eminent pathologist, in line with his interest in serving humanity. MICT has undertaken a range of causes, notably through projects in education, healthcare, water supply lines and funding of small scale business ventures for poverty stricken and unemployed individuals. Just in the past year, MICT has spent almost ten million Rupees (U$100,000 approximately) for its work.

Some of the projects undertaken by MICT are featured below.

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MICT Timeline

  • MICT responds to security crisis in Khyberpakhtunkhwa (KPK) province. Support given to widows and student affected by the conflict.
  • MICT also began reaching out to students in financial distress across Pakistan.
  • Financial support given to approximately 100 households in KPK province.
  • Emergency assistance despatched for victims of excessive landslides and creation of an artificial lake at Ataabad, Pakistan’s northern Gilgit-Baltistan province.
  • Financial support launched for small scale entrepreneurs in need of start up funds.
  • Water supply projects launched for improvised communities in water scarce areas with a focus on Potohar region (northern Punjab).
  • Emergency food assistance given to victims of floods in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.
  • Financial assistance for students and small scale entrepreneurs continues.
  • Emergency food and clothing support program was launched for victims of floods in Sindh.
  • Support for students in need continues.
  • A ‘Ramadan’ food support program is launched which subsequently became an annual feature of MICT’s work.
• A skill development project undertaken with support from the UK based Lady Fatemah (AS) Trust and the Karachi based Friends Educational and Medical Trust successfully saw Madinatul Ilm Charitable Trust (MICT) host the first ever training workshop for 48 teachers from remote areas of the Gilgit Baltistan region. This month long activity allowed the teachers to fill their knowledge gaps in relevant areas, notably sciences for school students.

• MICT with the backing of LFT secured funds to support 15 students from Gilgit-Baltistan to go through an intense three month workshop in Rawalpindi, in preparation for taking entrance exams to professional colleges and universities.

• MICT continued to support students in crisis as well as patients in acute distress and in need of financial help. The patients included one with an advanced case of cancer while another physically impaired individual required the installation of artificial limbs. The two cases were funded by LFT.

• MICT continued to undertake an emergency program to provide food supplies and essential needs for the victims of floods in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province. MICT with support from the UK based Lady Fatemah (AS) Trust continued to undertake projects for the supply of safe drinking water to impoverished communities.

• MICT oversaw the completion of 22 homes for victims of floods from 2010, in district Muzaffargarh of the Punjab province

• An LFT-MICT joint project ensured our biggest mobilization of food packs for impoverished families in northern Punjab, delivered ahead of Ramadan as well as duringthe fasting month. Between 11 thousand to 12 thousand individuals were likely to benefit from this initiative.

  • MICT launched a new program to finance the coaching of up to 20 students from low income households of Gilgit-Baltistan, allowing them to prepare for college entrance examinations after passing their intermediate (high school) examination.
  • MICT continues its program to support college and university students from low income households.
  • MICT begins high cost support for acutely challenged patients. A high profile case involving the installation of an electronic arm for a teenager who lost both of her arms in an accident, is widely noticed.
  • Floods in Pakistan’s Punjab province prompt MICT to deliver emergency food stocks for affectees.
  • Financial assistance for students and small scale entrepreneurs continues.
  • MICT continues to support more students in need of assistance.
  • MICT takes on further cases of financially challenged patients including cancer patients and hepatitis patients.
  • MICT expands its work to Karachi with sponsorship of college students and support for a new water project.
  • MICT begins reaching out to Doctors in Rawalpindi and Islamabad with a view to establishing a new network of support for its sponsored patients.
  • MICT launches its first ever ‘Double your charity’ program. This involves matching every Rupee of donations with another Rupee contributed by MICT to a maximum of five million Rupees, dedicated mainly to educational support and routine healthcare except cases involving high cost expenditure.
  • MICT continues support for students and the annual Ramadan support program.