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 “The Only Way to Help Yourself is to Help Others”

Education is the best way to empower children, especially girls, with the tools, knowledge, strength and confidence they need to promote and protect their own rights, growth and self- sufficiency. With education, children, families, communities and even nations can break the cycle of poverty.

Madinatul Ilm Charitable Trust (MICT) is seeking to support a group of bright deserving students who belong to different areas of Pakistan. These students represent the common feature of having a promising academic record though combined with evidence of financial need. Some of these students have been sponsored by us in the past while we have added cases of those who are seeking support for the first time. MICT continues to promote education as a way to combat illiteracy and impoverishment. As before, this sponsorship seeks to provide financial assistance to deserving and bright students who are at the risk of dropping out of their educational institutions due to poverty. MICT is seeking to raise PKR 49,19,370.00 (approximately $46,670.00 US dollars) to finance these students till end of their academic year by June 2018. We feel that this intervention will go a long way in lifting the prospects for these students to embark upon successful careers. Attached is a breakdown of the costs for one year that are expected to be incurred by these students.

Financial Conditions of Selected Candidates:

MICT identifies students who need financial assistance to continue their studies. Only genuinely needy and deserving students are sponsored. MICT’s continuing support depends on academic performance of students which is regularly monitored. The quantum of assistance is decided as either “full” or  “partial” depending on the family’s economic situation. ‘Full support’ covering matters like entire academic fee, bus fare, and/or boarding and lodging charges are verified before funds are disbursed. Payments are disbursed directly to institutions except for elements like bus fare and/or miscellaneous expenses.


  • Donate generously as much as possible and make use of our one time ‘double’ your charity offer mentioned below. Please send an email to when you disburse funds to our bank account mentioned below so that we can verify your generous support and send a receipt.

We are offering a sum of five million Rupees in matching grants for our work in education, healthcare and provision of food  to communities in need. For every Rupee given by donors, MICT will match a Rupee through its own collections. Dubbed as ‘double your charity’, the matching grants provide an ideal opportunity for donors to enlarge the effect of their contributions.



Chaklala Scheme – III Branch Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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