Micro Finance Ghanzafar Ali

With the Grace of Mighty Allah we have successfully completed microfinance project for Mr Ghazanfar Ali, the total cost incurred on the project is 2, 06,783 PKR/– .The detail summary of expenditure incurred are as under:


Lathe Machine (Rahber) Local                                              PKR 80,000/-
Press Machine (Local)                                                          PKR 38,500/-
Drill Machine                                                                          PKR 17,000/-
Motor Bult, Drill chak, Polee                                                   PKR 12400/-
(Welding Plant, Hand Drill,                                                     PKR 8410/-
Pin Grinder, Grinder Machine) ————–
Dye Set, Toll Box                                                                  PKR 14300/-
Shock Bearer, Tongs, Steering                                            PKR 18050/-
Grinder Machine with Brush                                                PKR 2440/-
Transportation Charges Lhr to Rw                                      PKR 6500/-
Loading                                                                                PKR 1400/-
Rent a car                                                                            PKR 3200
CNG and Toll Plaza                                                              PKR 3058
Refreshment                                                                        PKR 1525
TOTAL                                                                                 PKR 206783, 00

Therefore dedicated efforts of our staff and procurement of machinery from Lahore, we have the following amount in balance:



Amount Received

Expenditure incurred

Balance amount in Project


Monitoring fee

Project cost

Project Balance

Monitoring Fee Balance

Total Balance

PKR 236,000.00

PKR 11,800.00

PKR 206783.00

PKR 29217.00

PKR 11,800.00

PKR 48,800.00


Mr. Ghazanfar Ali was working on daily wages in a lathe machine workshop. He was earning PKR 3000/– per month. Out of his short income he had to fulfill the household expenditure of his large family consisting of six members.

To overcome his poverty he planned to open his own workshop .But he had no resources and requested us for microfinance. He requested us for financial assistance.

Our monitoring team has been in consistent touch with Mr.Ghazanfar Ali .He is running his workshop very successfully and in first month he earned 18000 PKR/- as compared to previous income of 3000 PKR/-. Now he is easily supporting his large family .He is very confident and relaxed, but struggling hard to introduce his workshop in the market and is earning good name through quality of services he is providing.

He sends many greetings and Dua to MICT.