Microfinance Grant
General Store-Zahid Zaidi

With Grace of Almighty Allah and the sponsorship of our donors we have completed the microfinance case of Brother Zahid Zaidi with the total cost of PKR. 100,000/-. Mr. Zahid Zaidi is a resident of Dhok Sayedan Rawalpindi.


Currently he was working with a company as a distributer. He started a business of his own but due to betrayal of his friends he was left alone with a burden of a heavy loan upon his shoulders. He was unable to fulfill his house hold obligations. As Mr. Zahid Zaidi had to pay off his loan he was not able to manage all these in a very low income.
Details of his family are as under






 Zahid Zaidi



Doing job


 Shumaila Zaidi




Brief Business Plan

In a proposal sent to Madinatul Ilm Charitable Trust Brother Zahid Zaidi requested a sum of PKR. 100,000.00 To setup his own distribution business.

Brother Zahid Zaidi is now optimistic that after this micro finance grant he will be able to gain his status again and secure a regular monthly income of approximately PKR 10,000 to PKR 15,000 for himself and his family. With this income he will be able to meet daily needs of his family and further he will be able to pay off his loans.

Brother Zahid Zaidi and his family conveyed their Duas and gratitude to MICT